12 Best Toddler Sleep Sacks: Wearable Blankets Your Toddler will Love!

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Toddlers are at the age where they are constantly on the move, even in their sleep! This means that the blanket in their bed gets twisted, thrown off, and kicked onto the floor. But thankfully there is an easy solution! Toddler sleep sacks are wearable blankets for your toddler. 

You may have used something similar when your toddler was a baby. However if you’re like me, you quit because you didn’t know there are sleep sacks specifically for those toddlers on the move! Most include foot holes so toddlers can easily stand and move around while wearing them.

I also mention a few sleep bags that do not have footholes. Do you know what those are great for? STROLLERS! Picture this: You are at an outside function and it’s chilly outside. You bundle up your toddler in warm clothes and give him a blanket. You are pushing your stroller along and almost fall as you step on something your stroller just ran over.

What is it? Well of course it’s the blanket you gave your toddler that he dropped. Now the blanket is dirty, your child is cold, and you almost twisted your ankle tripping over it. But an easy solution is a wool toddler sleep bag that snaps over your toddler’s shoulders. Your toddler stays warm and the sleep bag stays in place. 

Check out my list below of the best toddler sleep sacks followed by frequently asked questions! If you are looking for a swaddle sleep sack or sleepsacks for younger babies, check out this post on all the different types of Halo Sleep Sacks.

“What does TOG mean on sleep sacks?”

A TOG is a unit of measurement used to calculate warmth, or thermal resistance, of a product. It is important to check the sleep suit’s TOG to calculate the warmth of the sleep sack based on your toddler’s room temperature.

How TOG Works: Once you know your child’s room temperature, match it to a sleepsuit with an appropriate TOG. For example, my son’s room is around 74° so his toddler sleep sack should have a 1.0 TOG. This chart is helpful and comes from Aden and Anais, a brand that makes baby swaddles and sleep sacks.  


The 12 Best Toddler Sleep Sacks

1. MICHLEY Toddler Sleep Sack

MICHLEY Baby Sleeping Bag Sack with Feet Spring Winter Swaddle WearableMICHLEY Baby Sleeping Bag SackMICHLEY Baby Sleeping Bag Sack with Feet Spring Winter Swaddle Wearable


The Michley toddler sleep sack is made from high-end polyester material and the filling is soft cotton. It comes in 6 different colors with each featuring a different animal.

It is breathable and comfortable. Features a durable zipper that goes from bottom to top to easily change diapers. 

Sizes: Small (1-2T), Medium (2-4T), Large (4-5T)
TOG: Between 1.5 and 2.0 TOG
Material: Polyester and cotton

2. HALO Sleepsack Wearable Blanket

HALO Big Kids Sleepsack Lightweight Knit Wearable Blanket, Blue, 2-3THALO Big Kids Sleepsack Lightweight Knit Wearable BlanketHALO Big Kids Sleepsack Lightweight Knit Wearable Blanket, Blue, 2-3T



The Halo Big Kids sleepsack is to be worn over regular sleepwear and take the place of a loose blanket. Your toddler is able to tuck their feet into the blanket while they sleep, but it also has foot openings for your toddler to take their feet out and walk around when awake.

This toddler sleep sack was made for easy bathroom breaks by featuring an inverted zipper. It also comes in pink! 

Sizes: 2/3T fits 34-40” tall, and 4/5T fits 40-46” tall
TOG: 0.5 TOG
Material: 100% Polyester

3. Tealbee Dreamsuit: Toddler Wearable Blanket

Tealbee DREAMSUIT: Toddler and Early Walker Baby Wearable Blanket - 1.2Tealbee DREAMSUIT: Toddler Wearable BlanketTealbee DREAMSUIT: Toddler and Early Walker Baby Wearable Blanket - 1.2




This toddler sleep sack is lightly padded with polyester filling. It is double layered and quilted to keep the padding in place. The bamboo and cotton mix makes the material very soft.

It is sleeveless to reduce the risk of overheating. Your toddler can wear their normal pajamas or nothing underneath it.  It has foot openings for easier mobility. 

Sizes: 12M to 3T
TOG: 1.2 TOG
Material: Bamboo/Cotton with Polyester Filling

4. Deedee Sleep Fleece Wearable Blanket

baby deedee Sleep Fleece Kicker Sack with Feet, Wearable Blanket Sleeper,Deedee Sleep Fleece Wearable Blanket baby deedee Sleep Fleece Kicker Sack with Feet, Wearable Blanket Sleeper,




This sleep sack for older toddlers is made from 100% polar fleece. This wearable blanket has pockets for toddlers to not only wear while sleeping but also to wear while lounging around the house.

It has feet openings for easy mobility and it is sleeveless. Some reviews claim that the fleece is much warmer than a light blanket and is only used on very cold nights. 

Sizes: 18 Months to 4T
TOG: 1.2 Mid-weight TOG
Material: 100% Polyester

5. SwaddleMe First Steps Toddler Sleepsack

SwaddleMe First Steps Sleeper - Small, 1 Pack, Love, 6-12 MonthsSwaddleMe First Steps SleeperSwaddleMe First Steps Sleeper - Small, 1 Pack, Love, 6-12 Months


The first steps sleeper has a unique design where it allows you to have baby’s feet covered or unfolded with their feet exposed. When the feet are covered, there are grips on the bottom to help keep toddlers that are new to walking from slipping.

This toddler sleep sack has a zipper tab to secure the zipper under so it does not rub against your child’s face. It has a 2-way zipper for nighttime changes. 

Sizes: 3 Sizes Available: 6-12 Months, 12-18 Months, 18-24 Months
TOG: 0.5 TOG
Material: 100% Cotton

*The Next 5 Sack Sleepers Do NOT Include Foot Openings for Easier Mobility


6. Ecolino Cotton Organic Sleep Sack

Ecolino Organic Cotton Baby Sleep Bag or Sack, Newborn Sleeping Bag,Ecolino Cotton Organic Sleep SacksEcolino Organic Cotton Baby Sleep Bag or Sack, Newborn Sleeping Bag,

This organic sleep sack is made from 100% organic cotton. This wearable blanket is perfect for nurseries with room temperatures from 70-80°F. The sizes range from newborn up to 36 months!

The cotton makes this sleep bag incredibly soft. It has a 2-way zipper and comes with a 6-month warranty. This wearable sleep sack does NOT include foot openings. 

Sizes: 0-3 Years
TOG: TOG under 1, meant for use in rooms between 70-80°F
Material: 100% Organic Cotton

7. Sleep Nest Fleece Sleeping Bag

Sleep nest Fleece Baby Sleeping Bag, Mocha Heather, Large (18-36 Months)Sleep Nest Fleece Sleeping BagSleep nest Fleece Baby Sleeping Bag, Mocha Heather, Large (18-36 Months)


This wearable sleep sack is best for the warmer months since it is made out of fleece. What makes this sleep sack different from the others is the shoulder straps. It makes putting baby inside the sleep sack simple because you don’t have to struggle or wake up baby to put their hands through the armhole.

It is made from 100% polar fleece. The sleep sack is very long and many parents suggest sizing down due to the length. However, this sleep sack is made for your toddler to continue to use as they grow instead of having to replace every few months. 

Sizes: 1.2, mid-weight sleeping bag
TOG: 100% Polar Fleece
Material: 100% Polyester

8. Halo Sleepsack Cotton Wearable Blanket

HALO Sleepsack 100% Cotton Wearable Blanket, Baby Blue, X-LargeHALO Sleepsack 100% Cotton Wearable BlanketHALO Sleepsack 100% Cotton Wearable Blanket, Baby Blue, X-Large


This toddler sleep sack does not have foot openings and is for babies up to 24 months old. It is made from 100% cotton and is extremely soft with a little bit of stretch. The sleep sack is a good size allowing room for your toddler to still kick and move around in their sleep. 

It has an inverted zipper that opens from the bottom. The sleep sack is sleeveless to prevent overheating and the arm and neck openings are sized for a safe fit. It also comes in a variety of colors. 

Sizes: Range from Preemie up to 24 months/36 lbs
TOG: 0.5 TOG
Material: 100% Cotton

9. Woolino Toddler Sleeping Bag: Merino Wool Baby Wearable Blanket

This toddler sleeping bag has many great features. It’s 100% natural, made with Australian merino wool. It has double shoulder snaps to dress your child easily. You can also adjust the size underneath the arms for a better fit for smaller children. It has a zipper on the side for easy dressing that is inverted if needed to open from the bottom for diaper changes or bathroom breaks. 

One of it’s best features is the seat belt slot so your child can wear this in a car seat or stroller. The clip slides through the front slot and helps keeps the sleep sack in place. This is a universal size, so although it is more expensive, it should last for several years. The only concern is that although it is advertised as temperature regulating and no TOG is needed, many reviewers have commented that during certain seasons it does get too hot for their child. 

Woolino Toddler Sleeping Bag, 4 Season, Merino Wool Baby Wearable Blanket,Woolino Toddler Sleeping Bag, 100% Merino Wool Woolino Toddler Sleeping Bag, 4 Season, Merino Wool Baby Wearable Blanket,


Sizes: Universal Size to last from age 2-4
TOG: Claims no TOG is needed because it is breathable and temperature regulating. Woolino says it can be used in all 4 seasons. 
Material: 100% Australian Merino Wool 

Toddler Sleep Sacks with Sleeves

Sleepsacks and wearable blankets are recommended without sleeves to prevent overheating. However, there are a variety of sleep sacks for older toddlers that do have sleeves if your child will be in a climate where long sleeves would be appropriate for the room temperature. 

  1. Nine States Baby Soft Cotton Wearable Blanket
  2. Layusbaby Organic Cotton Wearable Blanket with Feet
  3. Happy Cherry Toddler Baby Sleeping Bag

All of the toddler sleep sacks listed below are found on Amazon! If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account, sign up for a 30-day free trial here and get unlimited free 2-day shipping with no minimum order size!

FAQ’s about Toddler Sleep Sacks

“What is a Toddler Sleep Sack?”

A toddler sleep sack is a wearable blanket designed for children that are older and on the move. The sleep bags keep your toddler warm during the night and you won’t have to worry about them kicking their blankets off at night. It allows your child to sleep longer without waking up because they are cold. 

“Are Sleep Sacks Safe for Toddlers?”

You need to follow the sleep sacks recommendations on what clothing should be underneath the sleep sack based on its TOG and your child’s room temperature. You don’t want your child to overheat and become too hot.

Toddler sleep sacks with foot holes are also the safest for children that are mobile. You don’t want your child to try to stand and walk around while zipped inside a sack without foot holes, this could lead to them falling.

“When Should I Take My Toddler Out of a Sleep Sack?”

The sleep sack will have a guideline for the ages they are recommended for. However, the most important part of using a wearable blanket is making sure your toddler is not going to overheat. They will not be able to kick the sleep sack off like a blanket. Get one that is lightweight and dress them appropriately underneath.

“Why Are Toddler Sleep Sacks Sleeveless?”

Halo is a popular brand of sleep sacks and their website answers this question well. Halo says the SleepSack wearable blanket is sleeveless to reduce the chance of baby overheating and is easier to be worn with regular sleepwear underneath.  Additionally, its sleeveless design makes it easy for parents to slip the SleepSack wearable blanket on and off the baby, even while your toddler is already sleeping!

Toddler Sleep Sacks Conclusion

Toddler sleep sacks are such a great idea for toddlers who no longer want to be swaddled and are not ready for a blanket. It takes away the anxiety that they will cover their faces with the blanket. It is also a great alternative if you have a toddler like mine who always kicks their blanket off of them and then wakes up because they are cold. 

If you are looking for sleep sacks for older toddlers, the wearable blankets with foot openings would be best for mobility. However, if your toddler will not try to walk around in their wearable blanket then the sack would feel more like a blanket. Sleeveless sleep slacks are recommended most to keep your toddler from overheating, but there are options with sleeves if your child is sleeping in a cold environment. 

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