The Best Sleeper Sacs: Keep Baby Warm Safely

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What is a sleeper sac? A sleeper sac, also known as a wearable blanket, is the answer to keeping your baby snug and warm without the risk of suffocation that can be caused by loose blankets covering your baby’s face.

It is like a tiny sleeping bag with arm holes that your infant wears. Wearable blankets are recommended by the CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to help create a safe sleep environment.

Wearable Blankets for babies with shoulder snaps. Easy on and Off: Snap, snap, zip! #ad

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It is inevitable that you will spend a good amount of time folding and wrapping your baby’s swaddle blanket just right to see that your baby has broken free out of it. Or when your baby starts to roll over and swaddles are no longer safe…What do you do now?

Do you have to abandon blankets all together? Well…Not anymore! Baby deedee’s sleeper sacs are your answer! All sleeper sacs are not the same, let me explain why the 4 listed below are some of my favorites. 

“What does TOG mean on sleeper sacs?”

Before buying any sleeping sacks, you’re going to need to know what TOG means. There are many different types of wearable blankets out there and each one will probably have a TOG value listed. TOG stands for “Thermal Overall Grade”. It is a score that tells you how well the fabric keeps you warm depending on its thermal resistance. 

This means the higher the TOG value, the warmer the fabric. You will need to know the average temperature in the room your baby sleeps and match it with a TOG that is best for your baby’s sleeping environment. 

Dress your baby accordingly underneath. For example, if it is Summer and hot outside, you would most likely need to choose a lightweight sleeper sac with a low TOG and have your baby wear something lightweight underneath.

However, all babies are different and the estimated temperatures are just a guide. It is vital the parent makes sure the fabric and baby’s clothing underneath would not cause the baby to overheat. 

The 4 Best Sleeper Sacs for Baby 

Baby deedee’s sleeper sacs have a feature that stands out above all the other brands! That feature is the patented shoulder snaps. 

No more waking up your sleeping baby when you go to put them in their sleeping sack and feed their arms through the holes. Just snap-snap-zip! This may seem like a small difference but it is a game-changer when it comes to the ease of getting your baby in and out of sleeping sacks. 

Other great features for these sleeper sacs include:

-oversized custom zipper toggle to make zipping and unzipping super easy for tired parents during those late-night diaper changes

-reverse zippers so baby can stay zipped in the top half of the sleeper sac while you change their diaper

-the material used for the sac sleepers is very soft

-comforting cocoon-like shape so your baby feels secure but also has enough room to kick and move around

Baby deedee’s Sleep Nest Lite

Sizes:Small 0-6 Months/ 22-26”/10-18 lbs

Medium 6-18 Months/ 25-32”/16-26 lbs

Large 18-36 Months/ 31-39”/ 25-35 lbs

Material: 100% Cotton made in India 
Room Temperature Suggestion: 70°-80°F
TOG: 0.6

This sleeper sac is incredibly soft. It reminds me of that favorite t-shirt softness. My baby’s room is usually around 74°’s which makes this sleep nest’s TOG perfect for our baby. He usually wears a very thin sleeper or a onesie underneath, but all babies are different so dress your baby accordingly. 

Baby deedee’s Sleep Nest Fleece

Sizes:Small 0-6 Months/ 22-26”/10-18 lbs

Medium 6-18 Months/ 25-32”/16-26 lbs

Large 18-36 Months/ 31-39”/ 26-35 lbs

Material: 100% Polyester
Room Temperature Suggestion: 68°-72°F
TOG: 1.2

My 3-year-old wears this one at night. He calls it his “whale tail”. Before using this sleeper sack, he kept waking up at night because he was kicking his blanket off and was cold. He knows he is not allowed to get out of his toddler bed without permission so we don’t worry about him getting up and tripping over it. The first night we used it, he slept the entire night without waking up because he was warm and cozy. 

Baby deedee’s Sleep Nest

Sizes:Small 0-6 Months/ 22-26”/10-18 lbs

Medium 6-18 Months/ 25-32”/16-26 lbs

Large 18-36 Months/ 31-39”/ 26-35 lbs

Material: Shell- 100% cotton, Filling- 100% Polyester
Room Temperature Suggestion: 64°-72°F
TOG: 2.5

This sleeper sac is the original sleep nest and where the company started.  This company began with a tired mama on a quest for a warm duvet safe blanket for her baby.  This particular sleep nest has won many awards and is currently listed as the ‘best for winter’  sleep sac by the well-known pregnancy & parenting brand  WhattoExpect.

Baby deedee’s Sleep Nest Teddy

Sizes:Small 0-6 Months/ 22-26”/10-18 lbs

Medium 6-18 Months/ 25-32”/16-26 lbs

Large 18-36 Months/ 31-39”/ 26-35 lbs

Material: Shell- 100% cotton, Filling- 100% Polyester
Room Temperature Suggestion: 64°-72°F
TOG: 2.5

*Baby deedee makes their sleeping sacks rather long for ample room for your baby to move around and great for your child to use for a while as they continue to grow. 

However, pay close attention to the length when ordering your sleeping sack. My son is 3 months and 16 pounds so according to the weight recommendation, he could wear a size medium. But when placed in the size medium, the sac was too long and could potentially cover his face when he curls his feet up to his chest.

BUT, I switched out the size for a small which aligns with his age and also falls within the recommended weight suggestion. This size is perfect for him. I’ve seen other reviewers comment they needed to size down…SIMPLE fix…look at ALL the size suggestions including the lengths. 

Ordering baby deedee’s sleeper sacs on Amazon:

The benefits of ordering on baby deedee’s website include a larger selection of products and sales on certain sleeper sacs. However, you can find their products on Amazon as well. 

Sleeper Sac Frequently Asked Questions: 

“What is a sleeper sac?”

A Sleeper sac is basically a tiny sleeping bag that your baby wears. It has holes for your baby’s head and arms to go through and a zipper in the front. These wearable blankets keep your baby feeling safe, warm, and snug while they sleep. 

The sleeper sacs also give your baby plenty of room to move around and it does not restrict hip movement. This allows your baby to be able to kick and roll over as desired while wearing the blanket. 

“What is the purpose of sleeper sacks?”

The purpose of sleeper sacks is to keep your baby snug and warm without the risk of suffocation that can be caused by loose blankets. 

“How long should babies wear a sleeper sac?”

You should follow the age, height, and weight guidelines provided on the sleeper sack. Some sleeper sacks can be used up to age 5! If you are using a sleeper sac for mobile babies and toddlers that do NOT have foot holes, the sleeper sac should only be used within the crib. You do not want your child standing up and walking while wearing the sleeper sac because they could fall. 

“When should you stop using a sleeper sac?”

You should stop putting your baby in sleeper sacks when they have outgrown the age, height, and weight suggestion. It is also important to be mindful of when your baby starts to pull up, stand, and walk when wearing a sleeper sac. You do not want your baby tripping inside the sac and falling. 

“Are sleeper sacks safe?”

Sleeper sacs are made to replace loose blankets that are dangerous and a suffocation risk to babies. The sleeper sac needs to fit and be used correctly. The CDC actually recommends you use wearable blankets if you are worried about your infant being cold. 

“Can baby overheat in sleeper sac?”

A baby CAN overheat wearing a sleeper sac. It is important to choose a sleeping sack with an appropriate TOG for the room temperature and dress them accordingly underneath. Infant should not feel hot to the touch, especially when placing your hand on their chest. 

“Can babies suffocate in a sleeper sack?”

The sleeper sac should not be long enough that the bottom could cover your baby’s face when they raise their feet. Make sure you have the correct size on your child. A sleeper sac should not be used if your baby is able to unzip or unsnap the sleeper sac on their own. The sleeper sac should also not be used if your baby’s head can pass through the neck hole when it is being used. 

“Should a baby wear a onesie under a sleeper sac?”

A baby can wear a onesie underneath a sleeper sac. You could also dress your baby in just their diaper or in their regular sleepwear. Take in consideration the temperature of your child’s room and the TOG on the sleep sac. 

“Do you put a sleeper under a sleep sack?”

You can put a sleeper on your child underneath a sleep sac. Most sleep sacs say they are to be used over your child’s regular sleepwear. However, all babies are different so it is important to check your child to see if they feel hot or cold to the touch. It is important to keep your child’s room at a temperature comfortable for a lightly clothed adult. To avoid overheating, do not over bundle your infant. 

Safe Sleep Reminders for Baby: 

These are helpful sleep reminders for parents of infants that are summarized from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website. These guidelines are to reduce the risk of infant related deaths including Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Follow these recommendations to create a safe sleep environment for your baby. 

-Baby should be placed on his/her back for all sleep times

-Baby should sleep on a firm, flat surface (like a safety approved mattress/crib  or bassinet) only covered by a fitted sheet

-Your baby’s sleep area should be within the same room and within 6 feet of where you sleep for at least 6 months, but preferably a year  

-No soft bedding allowed in baby’s sleep area including blankets, pillows, bumper pads, and soft toys

-Do not cover your baby’s head with anything

-Don’t allow your baby to become too hot and overheat

-If you are worried your baby is too cold, the CDC recommends using a wearable blanket like the products listed aboveWearable blankets with shoulder snaps! Keep baby warm and snug! #ad #sleepersac



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