Baby Proofing Fireplace & More!

The Best Baby Proofing Products: Tips and Tricks to Keep Baby Safe! Including the Areas You Can't Skip Over! #baby #toddler #babyproof #babyproofing #childproof

Well, Mama, you are now in charge of protecting and guiding this little human being that has no concept of danger yet. They don’t inherently know if something is hot, poisonous, sharp, etc! Meaning that babies aren’t born knowing to be cautious, ESPECIALLY my little wild man!  This post will outline what to baby proof, …

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Breastfeeding Problems & Solutions

Breastfeeding Baby: Tricks and Tips on Managing the Milk Mess When You are Getting Used to Breastfeeding Your Newborn! #breastfeeding #breastfedbaby #baby #newborn #momtobe

Some people are such naturals with breastfeeding. Some mamas enjoy it and find it relaxing and a great bonding experience. Other mama’s struggle to make enough milk, experience a lot of pain, have babies that don’t want to latch, and the list goes on and on. Breastfeeding Problems & Solutions Includes: -My Difficult Breastfeeding Experience …

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