Practical Gifts for 2 Year Olds

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If you are looking for practical gifts for 2-year-olds for a birthday, Christmas, or just because, these are toys your little one will LOVE! They are age-appropriate and are things they will enjoy for years to come. 

Practical Gifts for 2 Year Olds

Cute, Little Puppy- Flips, Walks, Sits, Barks:

We got this for our friend’s daughter on her birthday. It was a BIG hit with the little ones! Her daughter LOVES DOGS! I saw several cute videos of her daughter playing with this toy in the weeks following her birthday party! The puppy is adorable and walks, barks, and FLIPS! It jumps up and does a backflip! This is a great gift for a girl OR boy that loves animals! 

Mickey Mouse Foam Flip Open Sofa:

My son LOVES this little couch! We kept it in our living room and he would sit on it every day to watch TV, play, look at books, etc! He would pull it open himself and lay down on it as well. You can take the foam out and wash the cover too! 

Kitchen Play Set:

I knew I wanted a play kitchen for my son but I had a hard time narrowing down which one! I chose this one because it wasn’t too expensive and it has LOTS OF DOORS to open! Let your little one use their imagination to cook, wash dishes, and more! 

It comes with accessories like bowls, pans, cups, silverware, plates, and a play phone. The phone and microwave make noise too! The stove makes a frying noise when the pan is on it and a boiling water sound with the pot! I also suggest buying extra play food for the kitchen!

Ball Pit and Plastic Balls:

Kids of all ages are excited to play in ball pits! Although, this ball pit does not include the balls so you will have to buy those separately! This is a great idea for toddlers that are active, it gives them a fun place to wiggle around in. 


I picked this ball pit because my son wasn’t quite interested in all the tunnels that come with some. Plus, the house we lived in was tiny so I needed something that didn’t take up a lot of room. This can be folded down into a small circle and has a bag to put it in. Plus, the kids loved that it has a net to throw the balls into! 

Outdoor Baby Swing:

The swing I linked is easy to get your toddler in and out of. I also like that it has straps around the shoulders and it can grow from infant to toddler!

I would take my son outside to swing every day that the weather allowed! We would watch the cars go by and wait for the school bus to come in the afternoon! Fasten it to a swing set, tree, or to your patio or porch! 

Little People Car Track & Extra Cars:

The Fisher-Price car tracks are great cars to start with because they are bigger than matchbox cars.


The cars are easier to hold and you don’t have to worry about small parts coming loose from the cars. We bought several extra cars to go on the track! The price is very reasonable! 

Little Tikes Crazy Coupe Car:

My son always wants to be pushed around in his little car! It has a squeaky horn he can press on the steering wheel and a place to put a cup and snack behind him.We would take the car to the park, push it around the neighborhood, and I’d put him in there to go get the mail from the mailbox. The car will grow with your little one too! You can take the floorboard out so their feet will touch the ground. 

Turtle Sandbox & Sand:

My son loves his sandbox! He takes sticks and rocks and likes to bury them. It comes with a lid to cover it…if only I could remember to put it back on…haha! Even before he was walking, he would love for me to take him outside to play in the sand. 

Sand is sold separately. I put two bags of it in the sandbox. I have since added more, but just started with 2 when he was little.

Don’t forget about adding some sand toys

Fisher-Price Little People Farm Playset:

My son LOVES animals!! This farm set is still one of his favorite toys and he just turned TWO. It has little doors that he puts all sorts of animals through. He has a table that we set it on and he sets himself up a whole town.

The playset comes with several animals and a farmer. It sings songs and makes animal noises too! This is probably his favorite toy on this list!

Farm Puzzle:

This was a great first puzzle! The knobs make it easy for little hands to hold. The puzzle pieces are thick and make it much easier for your toddler to guide the pieces into the correct spot. Plus, everything Melissa & Doug brand is such good quality! 

Baby Shark Shape Sorter:

I’m pretty sure all babies and toddlers love the Baby Shark song from the Youtube video. It’s my go-to video to play when I need my son to sit still at the doctor’s office! This shape sorter plays verses from the song when you place a shape in the correct spot! When all the shapes are in the correct spot, it will sing the entire song. I had to help my son and complete it hand over hand when he was younger, but he is getting the hang of it now! 

Plastic Jungle Animals:

This is another one of my son’s favorites from this list. HE LOVES ANIMALS! The price is really good for the number of animals that come in this container. They are a good size and really durable.

There is also a Marine and Farm Animals Version! We have all 3 sets now. Actually 2 sets of the marine animals, so 4 in all. My child is animal obsessed. These are great quality and there are a lot of animals for the price! 

Bouncing, Chuckle Ball:

Oh man, this bouncing ball was hilarious. When you drop, hit, or shake this ball, it will start shaking on its own! My son would hold on to it and his chubby little arms and cheeks would just start jiggling. It was SO CUTE and all of us adults got a good laugh out of it. My son enjoyed it too. I have videos of him throwing it to make it shake, picking it up when it stopped, and throwing it again. Over and over. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Practical Gifts for 2 Year Olds:

What to get a 2 year old who has everything?” Or “What can I buy my toddler Besides toys?

If your 2 year old has everything on the list above, gift them with passes for an experience. This could include passes to the aquarium, zoo, museum, etc. 

“What do 2 year olds enjoy?”

Most 2 year olds enjoy being outdoors! This is why a sandbox and a swing are on our list for practical gifts for 2-year-olds! 

“What toys should a 2 year old play with?”

Every child should have a play kitchen to use their imagination as they pretend to cook food, wash dishes, or even operate their own little restaurant! 

I hope you found a few practical gifts for 2 year olds you think your little one will enjoy too!

I LOVE toy shopping for my son. Making this list was so fun! These are all things we own and love! Leave a comment or email me if you have questions about any of these toddler gift ideas!  

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