How to Keep Baby’s Diaper Dry!

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It was such a joyous occasion when my son started sleeping through the night for the first time! After months of exhaustion…a full night of rest…ahh…finally! BUT, we woke up to a whole new problem besides our previous exhaustion.

The longer my baby was sleeping, the wetter his diaper was becoming! We were dealing with his diaper and clothes being damp from so much moisture, diaper leaks, AND this would wake him up…UGHHH. We were finally at the point where he didn’t need feedings during the night, but NOW being woken up by VERY wet diapers! 

Pee was even leaking through night time diapers. We had to figure this out and do something fast!

If you’ve read some of my previous posts, like How to Get Rid of a Diaper Rash, you would know that my son has very sensitive skin. I have to use specific diapers, wipes, and diaper cream to keep him from getting a horrible diaper rash!

So, I was afraid of introducing too many different brands of diapers because I had finally found a brand that didn’t irritate him! 

I also thought about waking up and changing his diaper in the middle of the night. Oh, how I did not want to do this. He JUST started sleeping through the night. Wake a sleeping baby…ugh. And what if he didn’t go right back to sleep? But finally, I found a solution! 

This Diaper Leaks Post Includes:

Diaper Leaks Solution: Sposies!

But, finally, my problem was solved when a friend of mine told me about SPOSIES! They are diaper booster pads!

They have sizes starting at newborn and go up to toddler sizes. You can order some with adhesives for it to stay in place, or some without so you can readjust the pad if needed. 

Sposies Details and Products…

  • They are diaper pads that you put directly inside the diaper.
  • It can hold up to 8 oz of fluid in addition to whatever the diaper already absorbs on its own. This reduces the chances of diaper rash that can be caused by wetness. 
  • The pads are soft and hypoallergenic. Pediatrician & Dermatologist tested.
  • You only have to use one a night, so one pack of them should last you about a month!

I’ve tried to quit using the booster pads a couple of times thinking he doesn’t need them anymore, but my son’s clothes will be damp around his diaper in the mornings again. I’m thankful for the quick fix of putting these Sposies back in his diaper!

See the list below for the different sizes of Sposies available. 


1. Sposie Booster Pads Newborn to Size 3:No Adhesive, Easy Re-positioning 32 Count:

Click Here to buy Sposies Size Newborn to 3


2. Sposie Booster Pads Diaper Size 4 to 6: No Adhesive, Easy Re-positioning 30 Count:

Click Here to Buy Sposies Size 4 to 6


3. Sposies for Regular & Pull-On Diapers: Diaper Size 4 to 6 or size 2T-5T Pull-On No Adhesives- 28 Count:

Click Here to Buy Sposies Sizes 4-6 or 2T-5T

This is currently what we use with my son now that he is a toddler! He wears Huggies Size 6 Diapers! 

Our Bedtime Diaper Routine Using Sposies:

So, nobody wants to spend extra money when they don’t have to. We buy a bag of sposies booster pads once a month. We only use one a night. My husband and I got a routine down so that we weren’t using more than we had to. 

Right before bed we add the pad to his diaper if it’s pretty dry or we change his diaper and put the pad in. I say right before bed because we were putting the booster pad in his diaper after he got out of the bath. BUT, he had just eaten dinner and drank a lot of milk or water. SOOOO, he was peeing a good amount or pooping while we were doing the other bedtime things like brushing his teeth, reading stories, etc. 

That meant we were spending more money than needed on booster pads because we were using 2 every night. I know this may seem like a duhhh…no brainer, but it happened for several days before we realized to wait until the last minute to put them in his diaper! 

A Sposies Tip that I Learned the Hard Way: 

The booster pads don’t come wrapped as menstrual pads do. The first time I got one out, I thought you were supposed to open the little mesh bag and the pad was inside it.

So, I put this sheet of cotton in my son’s diaper and it was EVERYWHERE when I went to change his diaper again. I had to bathe him because I couldn’t get the cotton off of him. Soooo, you put the entire mesh pad into the diaper. There is no unwrapping it! If you buy the pads with adhesives, just take the strip off. I repeat, DO NOT open the mesh bag.  

I texted my friend about what I had done with the Sposie pads and she got such a good laugh about that! However, she said she thought that at first too! But, unlike me, she realized it before actually putting it in her daughter’s diaper…ahhh…facepalm. haha! 

There are other booster pad brands out there.

I’m not an advocate for Sposies and Sposies alone! I started with these because that is what my friend recommended, they have good reviews and seemed like they wouldn’t bother my son’s sensitive skin.

I’ve been surprised at the reaction of other friends when I mention Sposies. They didn’t know these existed! I hope they are helpful for you too! Nobody wants to wake up to their baby or toddler being soaked in pee! 

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